13 April 2014


I haven't posted here in a long time. That's because I've been busy with the beginnings of a new project: Common Era #knits. For 2 years, I've had this vision of creating a knitwear brand that offers made-to-order and bespoke clothing. I've been knitting for about 12 years, and designing intuitively.

I get inspired by classic glamour and modern, sleek design. Much like my black & white photographs, my knitwear designs are modern but nuanced with style elements from 30s and 60s American and European film.

Made-to-order items are pre-designed but made for an individual order. If you are interested in bespoke (having an item designed and measured especially for you), you can inquire with me.

Right now, I am only taking orders for knitwear from friends and family, but will begin taking general orders from the website starting September 1st, 2014. Of course, if you check out the site and want to inquire about making an order, you can contact me directly here!

I'll still be taking and posting black & white photos of new york city and fashion inspirations at http://www.ceknits.com. And I'm so excited to finally merge my interests in fashion, film, photography, and design through Common Era #knits.

My twitter, instagram, and pinterest are the same. You can also follow all of the www.ceknits.com posts on tumblr.


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